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Things are looking up….

After more than a year of lockdowns with the majority of staff working from home or WFH as we all now fondly refer to it, it seems like things are slowly starting to return to some form of normality or what is being labelled the ‘new normal’. With this comes the gradual, and in many cases, it appears to be, staged return to the office environment. Whilst some of us relish the idea of going back to the office, for others the lure of the office isn’t quite so enticing.

So here at Colourpoint we have been coming up with some ingenious ways to brighten up your offices with very little effort, to help make this transition a more pleasurable one!

What may you ask are we referring to? The answer;  decorative ceiling tiles, or should we say several put together and printed to create a fabulous ceiling mural replacing what is ordinarily a very dull canvas!

Whether your aim is to recreate the surroundings that we may have longed for during the lockdowns with beautiful outdoor images, sea or sky scapes or perhaps to use inspiring images, these ceiling murals can certainly help to create a workspace that encourages calmness and tranquillity, thereby positively improving productivity. 46% of workers have said that their surroundings and workspace directly affect their productivity, so this gives business owners the opportunity to do just that in a new and inventive way.

We are able to print any image directly onto standard suspended ceiling tiles to create the ultimate ceiling mural. Whether you choose from our wide and varied selection of beautiful images or supply us with your own choice of images or logos, the only limitation will be the image resolution which will need to be high quality, at least 600dpi, to give you a high quality finish.

Ceiling tiles, also known as ceiling panels, are made of a lightweight construction material, and are used to cover ceilings typically in office environments. Placed in an aluminium grid, as a suspended ceiling, they provide some thermal insulation but are usually designed to improve the aesthetics and acoustics of a room or office.

At Colourpoint we are able to print these as single tiles (with different images) or as a group of tiles, ie one image that is made up of 2 or more tiles. Blocks of 9 tiles works extremely well as does 18, it really depends on the office size, the ceiling layout and the lighting and air-conditioning units’ positioning, which will all need to be taken into consideration.

The tiles are printed on our 6-color Anapurna M2500i hybrid wide-format printer. A more accurate dot positioning, an enhanced curing system and higher performing print heads make the Anapurna M2500i into a heavy-duty, turnkey and complete UV inkjet system. This allows us to print high quality images to any substrate that is up to 50mm thick and no more than 2,500mm wide, so perfect for ceiling tiles! The UV inks we use are highly durable, water and UV resistant.

Below are the most standard / common ceiling tile sizes for suspended ceilings:

These sizes will vary between offices, based on the size of the space and the office specification.

600 x 600mm (595 x 595mm)

1200 x 600mm (1195 x 595mm)

1800 x 600mm (1795 x 595mm)

We are able to print on any of the above sizes.

Download our Ceiling Tiles brochure here and start the discussion as to how you could brighten up everyone’s day.

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