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Book Binding

Hand crafted to perfection

using traditional methods to create beautiful results
The Penthouse - Brochure Box and Brochure

Our team are highly skilled in a variety of book binding techniques, using both traditional and modern book binding methods.

Add a huge choice of cover materials, and finishing techniques such as foiling and debossing, and you have the means to create a truly beautiful end product.

Unlimited potential with Book binding techniques

We pride ourselves in being specialists in book binding and box making. We appreciate that sometimes understanding all of the techniques available can be a bit overwhelming, so we have tried to simplify and show the various different types of book binding below.


PUR Binding

A softcover book binding method, a form of perfect binding, where the pages and cover are glued together.

Case Binding

Case Binding

Gets its name from the hard exterior ‘case’. Pages are sewn together in sections and attached to the inside of the case.

Bentley Books - Layflat Binding

Layflat Binding

Books lay completely flat once opened, allowing text and images to flow seamlessly across the spread.

Sketch - Japanese Binding

Japanese Binding

A decorative exposed stitching technique ideal for binding single sheets of paper, with front and back covers.

Canon 'Take off 4 Tokyo' brochure with perspex cover

Sussex Binding

Alternative to case binding, where boards are attached to the front cover without encasing the spine, leaving the spine exposed.

Case binding

Quarter Binding

Where spine is covered in a different material to the front and back covers – it is usually 1/4 spine and 3/4 cover, usually different materials are used to create a creative finish.

Post Screw Binder

Post Screw Binding

Where pages are held in place between two outer cases. Post screws can be either external or internal.

Harrods Hair and Beauty Menu - Litho Printed

Wiro & Coil Binding

Wiro Binding and Coil Binding are forms of binding which secure documents professionally and allow pages to lay flat when opened.

Binder - Loose Leaf Binding

Folders and Loose Leaf Binding

A means of ring binding in which pages are bound together by either 2D or 4D metal rings.

Keeping it together – stitching techniques

Apart from gluing there are a number of different styles of stitching pages together, each used for different applications, but all providing another creative way to improve the overall look of your project.

Saddle Stitching
Stitching – Staples
Section Sewing
Section Sewing
3-hole stitching
3/5 Hole Stitching
Singer Sewing
Singer Sewing
Naked Sewing
Naked Sewing

Unlimited potential with Bookbinding techniques

Let us help you with your next book binding project