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Digital Printing

When time is of the essence

for personalised print, small quantities or quick turnarounds
On demand or personalised print is becoming more and more of a requirement in today’s modern marketing environment.
Our digital print team run two HP Indigo Digital presses with specialist finishing which enables us to:

  • Print on a selection of coated and uncoated stocks from 80gsm to 450gsm
  • Print quantities from 1 unit to 2,000 cost effectively
  • Create uniquely personalised campaigns
  • Create breathtaking, tactile printed pieces to meet your requirements using our special digital finishing techniques.

Advances in Digital Printing

Digital printing has progressed hugely since its inception in the early 90’s, not everyone is aware of some recent innovations, so we thought we would share these with you.

Spot Inks

Did you know that you are no longer limited to CMYK for digital printing? We can now mix and print spot colours for brand accuracy and consistency.


Fluorescent Inks

As well as being able to digitally print Pantone/Spot colours we can now also print fluorescent colours (orange, green and yellow). These colours are both radiant and eye-catching, and glow beautifully in the dark under UV light.


Raised Effect

If you are looking to create something that is a bit more visually impressive and tactile that is printed digitally – why not try the raised ‘effect ‘ using transparent HP Indigo ElectroInk. With ElectroInk we are able to lift the surface of the ink to varying degrees using layers of transparent ink applied directly to the substrate, creating eye-catching print designs or digital watermarks.

Avis Invite - Digital print with white

White Printing

HP Indigo ElectroInk White — provides the unique ability to print a wide variety of new applications on a diverse range of media including transparencies, dark, and metallic substrates.

Exceptional results with digital printing

Talk to us today about your digital print project