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Vashi Presentation Boxes

At Colourpoint we produce a huge variety of bespoke, handcrafted presentation boxes for a host of different applications. Our box making engineers take great delight in looking at ways to make each box exceptional and unique.  

As part of Vashi’s opening of their new flagship store in Covent Garden, London together with the unveiling of their new brand vision, Colourpoint were tasked with creating two launch presentation boxes to hold jewellery pieces – a ring and a bangle. These boxes needed to echo Vashi’s new brand design code – ‘modern, clean, geometric lines throughout and an understated colour palette punctuated with pops of a new signature brand colour’.

The overarching requirement for this project was that the boxes had to look absolutely beautiful with a premier feel and finish, as one would expect when accompanying a gorgeous piece of jewellery from Vashi.

Vashi wanted the boxes to be square in shape, with a plinth to showcase the jewellery piece, and a drawer beneath to house a small envelope which would provide more information from Vashi.

The boxes were to look identical but were required to be different in size with a different aperture to fit the different jewellery pieces.

The Ring box, the smaller of the two, was 130 x 130 x 83mm and the Bangle box slightly larger at 180 x 180 x 108mm.

Our inhouse box engineers came up with the concept whereby three of the sides were held together and the fourth folded down as the box lid was lifted. The lid and base formed an extremely snug fit, we call it a ‘vacuum fit’, where you literally hear the air suction as you start to lift the lid. Once the lid is fully removed the front side of the box slowly drops down to lay flat and reveal the ‘drawer’ beneath with a small tab in the plinth, which when pulled would reveal the envelope. A recess in the plinth was designed specifically to hold the ring or bracelet.

We made up several samples of each box, which the client loved! However, in true Vashi style, they wanted the boxes perfected so as not to show any joins or overlaps. So it was back to the drawing board and our box engineers worked tirelessly to find a solution. As always, they came up trumps and a new set of samples were created, without the joins and overlaps, which the client was absolutely over the moon with!

It was now on to production…

First up was to foil the outer lid material in readiness for wrapping the boxes, this was foiled in a black gloss on one side of the box on a Constellation Snow material. The material chosen for the base and plinth, a vibrant yellow, Sirio Giallaro, contrasted beautifully with Constellation.

The box edges on the lid and plinth were precision v-cut on our Zund cutter ensuring sharp and clean edges to the overall finish of the boxes. This also provided a really snug fit between the lid and the rest of the box.

Both boxes were essentially constructed in the the same way, apart from the difference is size and the change in apertures in the top of the internal base to allow for the ring and the bangle.

All 100 units of each box, produced for the Vashi, were handmade by our box making team and the final products delivered to a very happy customer.

Take a look at the new Vashi store for yourself.

So whatever your presentation box requirement, we would be happy to talk through how we could help you to make it exceptional! Talk to us today.


















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