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Announcing our new Company Mascot

A huge thank you to all who took part in the ‘Name our Bee’ competition, we were overwhelmed by the entries and the positive response to our campaign.

You really did not make our job easy!! So, after much deliberation the judges have made a final decision, and the winner is….


Helping Everyone Restore Bees In Ecosystems.

We all felt that Herbie summed up what our campaign has been about; highlighting the importance of this amazing tiny yet vital creature.

OUR WINNER IS: Tracie Stevenson @ Bloom and Bear (Inspired by Nature)

Message from the Winner – Tracie Stevenson

I am delighted to be chosen as the winner of Colourpoints’ ‘Name Our Bee’ competition. Thank you for the wonderful bee house, locally produced honey and seed bee bombs, all beautifully presented and packaged.

As a nature inspired designer of homeware and accessories, I look to the natural world to create ideas for prints and patterns so the environment plays a huge part in my career and personal life. I’m also a keen gardener so the wild flowers and bee house will certainly ‘bee’ at home here!

I hope that Herbie’s name will be memorable and help raise awareness of our natural environment. It’s vitally important to provide safe living spaces and food for bees and pollinators as we rely on them so much for our food production. We should champion businesses that believe in protecting our ecosystems and actually act upon it, by changing processes or suppliers. It’s not just a ’nice thing to do’, it’s paramount that companies take action and promote these changes so that it becomes an integral part of their ethos. No matter what size our business or the industry we work in, we can all do our bit to help to reduce our carbon footprint and biological impact on the planet.

I wish you success with your new mascot and I hope Herbie ‘bee-haves’ himself!


First prize: A bee house, honey and Beebombs

Your very own ‘Save a bee kit’ and some very tasty honey from our friends at High Wycombe Bee Keepers Association. 

Runners up: Honey and Beebombs for the 8 Runners up.

There were so many fantastic entries and name suggestions and we would love to have been able to reward all of you but unfortunately that’s just not possible.

So here are the runners up – thank you for your lovely messages, these are the names we loved – in no particular order these are:

Beatrice x 2 entrants – This week our class have been learning all about mini beasts (bees being one of them) our school is proud to be an eco-friendly school. We currently have a courtyard with a pond and different plants, flowers and trees to attract and help the lifecycle of mini beasts and pond life. Save a bee kit would be fantastic to add to our courtyard.

Disco – the first ever Bee found was in Myanmar (99m years old) and the genus name given was ‘Discoscapa apicula’. Shows that bees stand the test of time and nothing deters them from doing their job to the best of their abilities…….and who doesn’t love disco dancing? High five to the bees, saving the world!

Cream – Colourpoint Recognises Environmental Attitudes Matter



Beespoke Print

Phoebe – I’ve chosen Phoebe as the name for your mascot as it already has ‘be’ in it. It’s a fun modern name and could work very well!

Well done and thank you once again it has Bee-n an absolute pleasure!

Why did we choose the Bee?

At Colourpoint we our totally committed to the sustainability of our beautiful planet.  With climate change a huge topic around the globe at present, we wanted to show our ongoing support and commitment to reducing our impact on our environment.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our carbon footprint. As it stands, we are currently accredited with the following, ISO9001 and 14001, FSC approved and have recently joined Two Sides, and we continue to look for more ways to contribute to a more sustainable future.

To remind us all of our commitment to this, we have created our new company Mascot – a Bee, which we will use across all our green media posts or printed literature.

As we all know, Bees are vital to both pollinate the food we need to survive and pollinate many of the trees and flowers that enable the human race to exist and flourish on this planet.

For us, the Bee is a symbol of the challenges our environment faces, and the risk to our sustainability if we don’t make changes and commitments to alter our current course. It will serve to provide a constant reminder to us as a business to do better, and for our customers it demonstrates that we are truly committed to this cause.

Campaign Prizes – Printed and supplied by the team at Colourpoint

At Colourpoint, we work with our customers to create campaigns like the ‘Name our Bee’ Campaign.

The designs were produced by our team at MB Creative, this included the bee we created as our mascot, along with the box and labels.

The Prize packages were printed and compiled by our team. The outer box was printed 4 colours, with our Agfa Anapurna M2500i hybrid wide-format printer, to one side on an E flute 180kl/150tt White Clay Coat with brown reverse. They were then cut and creased on our ZUND G3 2XL-3200, ready for assembly. This is a self-assembly box which was designed so that absolutely no gluing was required.

The Honey pot labels printed 4 colours to one side onto Fasson solid back and kiss cut on the ZUND to a hexagon shape.

Everything we used in this campaign is 100% recyclable, reflecting the environmental nature of the overarching message.

So if you are thinking of running a campaign, and need a team to help you bring it all together – please get in touch we will be only too happy to assist.

Contact us.

The Colourpoint Group

There are now 4 businesses within the Colourpoint Group, each with very specialist, yet complementary skills and expertise.