Christmas Competition 2021 - Colourpoint
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This year our Christmas Competition has gone completely Nuts!!

Time to put your nutty skills to the test! All you have to do is match the nut to its shell – sounds simple? Well let’s see how you get on.

If you get all of the nuts correctly matched up you will be entered into the prize draw for one of our ‘Nutcracker’ Hampers!

Good Luck!

The Nutcracker Competition – How it works?

    1. See the ‘Nutshells’ below – click on the windows to reveal all the Nutshells
    2. Then scroll down and find the ‘Nuts’ – click on the windows to reveal all the Nuts
    3. Then under the ‘Nutshells’ enter the corresponding number of the matching shell into the box ‘My nut is number?’
    4. Once you have completed all of the entries, scroll down and complete the form below and press ‘Submit’.
    5. Your entry will be sent to us, and you will automatically be entered into the prize draw.
Entries close at noon on Wednesday 22nd, prizes will be delivered on Thursday 23rd December.

Lets get cracking…


Click on the boxes below to reveal all of the Nutshells, then find the nut that fits in each nutshell and enter the corresponding number below..

The Colourpoint Group

There are now 4 businesses within the Colourpoint Group, each with very specialist, yet complementary skills and expertise.


Click on the boxes below to reveal the Nuts. Each nut has been numbered (01, 02 etc), now enter this number under its matching Nutshell.


Please enter your details below to enter the competition and prize draw! Best of luck!

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